Sales / Distribution

The position of Sales & Distribution is an open posting

We always keep an eye out for a person good at sales. Currently, we distribute our beer through a wholesaler in the state. An ideal candidate for this position will be able to master our beers and brand while communicating effectively with others including customers, retailers, and representatives from our wholesaler.

Sales & Distribution Job Responsibilities & Duties

  • Coordinate market support with wholesaler
  • Interact with customers, patrons, and retailers
  • Promote our brand through all available sales channels

Sales & Distribution Skills & Qualifications

Sales & Distribution staff reports to the Head Brewer & General Manager. You should have a high level of competency in reading, writing, and communicating, a clean driving record, and a professional appearance. Since this is a sales position for beer, there will be occasional need to move, load, and manipulate a full keg of beer.

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