Uncle Lewis’s Holiday IPA

Uncle Lewis’s Holiday IPA

What to do with your Christmas tree after the big day has come and gone? Throw it in a beer of course! For those who love National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (and who doesn’t!) you’ll remember that Uncle Lewis was the one that burned down the Christmas tree when lighting his cigar. Don’t worry, there are no cigars in this one – but actual Christmas trees were harmed in the making of this beer! We threw loads of spruce and fir tips in the boil kettle and the fermenter along with Columbus and Simcoe hops to enhance the piney, resinous flavors that complement the sweet and spicy Red IPA base. It looks like Christmas, it smells like Christmas, it tastes like Christmas – have a glass or two and enjoy the holidays!
Style Red IPA w/ Fir and Spruce Tips
ABV 6.8%
IBUs 60
Availability Pilot Batch: One-off - Draft Only

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